Office binders and big eyes

by Diane Dennis
(Oak Harbor WA USA)

As most children with Asperger's Syndrome do, my son has had specific (some would say odd) interests over the years.

One that has stuck with him has been office supplies, specifically binders.

Whenever we went to a store such as Walmart or Kmart, he would make a beeline for the office supply section.

A trip to Officemax was a huge treat for him, and a surefire way to end a bad mood.

One time my husband was putting on a seminar and he needed to create handouts that consisted of binders with paperwork in them.

He purchased a case of binders and had them sitting here in the living room.

I knew when I saw that box that a certain young man (he was in 8th grade) would be extremely excited when he came in and saw those binders.

Sure enough, he walked in the front door and the first thing he saw was that case of binders.

His eyes lit up like it was Christmas. He had to sit in front of them and count them and wonder at them and be amazed that there were this many binders in front of him at one time, and in his own living room no less!

And of course he HAD to have one of those binders (he would have liked to have all of them!).

Fortunately there were a couple extras, and off he went happy as a clam, as if he was carrying the most treasured item in the world (which to him it was). :o)

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Jul 25, 2012
Yep, still into those binders!
by: Diane


Yep he's still into binders, but his tastes have evolved. :) He's now very picky on the kind of binder he wants. ;)

We can be going strictly for pens (a "trip" that will get him away from his room is a visit to get some pens) but we always end up in the binder aisle and all of a sudden he absolutely has to have a binder for some sudden need but then he always gets upset because they don't have the kind he wants.

So he either settles unhappily with what they have or we leave and he's unhappy. But if he gets some pens then that helps take the sting out for him. :)

I can imagine that if I did all of a sudden have a box of binders here he would be in 7th heaven as long as they were the kind of binders that he wants. :)

He's a sweet! :)

I am so sorry for taking so long to "approve" your comment. I don't know if I didn't get a notice in my email (I'm supposed to get automatic notices) or if I just missed it but when I jumped in there today to approve another submission I saw that you had commented. Again I apologize.

And thank you for enjoying my story about Cameron, binders, and big eyes. :)

Mar 23, 2012
So Cute to hear about the binders!!

This is SUCH a cute story about your son and the binders. Does he still like them?

Thank you so very much for sharing! Means a lot!

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