Work at home with SBI! SiteSell

Moms can work at home with SBI! SiteSell.

The internet has made it entirely possible for moms and other parents and caregivers to work at home with SBI! SiteSell and be there for their family. Some supplement their spouses income (or their own) and others fully support their family on their income from their website.

It's also been an incredible boon to disabled people and those with chronic illnesses that interfere with having a job as it allows them to conduct business and work at home with SBI! SiteSell.

More and more people today work from home in businesses that they have created themselves.

This video gives a quick 2-minute or less explanation. Click it to play it. :)

Tell you what… Here's a 2-minute video that'll cover it all in a nutshell. Click on it to play it. :)

I work at home with SBI! SiteSell

I'm a work-at-home mom (also known as , and I'm one of those people with chronic illnesses, and I support my family from my home with a business that I created.

I had to be available for my son 24/7 because of his illnesses and special needs (and with it came the bonus of being available for my daughter 24/7).

I found a need that wasn't being fulfilled (the need for construction forms) and I fulfilled it. I set it up so that I could work at home with SBI! SiteSell instead of having to be out in a office somewhere.

I didn't have competition when I first started. I was selling individual forms instead of packages and my customers loved it because they weren't forced to purchase forms they don't need (unlike other websites that sold forms).

I introduced myself to my semi-competition and began promoting their products as well as my forms.

Now I have competitors galore.

Those that sold packages realized how many people wanted individual forms so they broke their forms out into individual forms and packages. Those that sold products for the construction industry but not forms saw the number of people who needed forms so they added forms to their offerings.

Sadly the majority of them don't necessarily have the current legal version of a form.

But, I can see that I need to start doing something else to help supplement my income as my competition starts taking a bite out of my business.

I have two websites where I don't sell anything and they still help me to support my family

Fortunately I don't have to sell anything to have a successful website and support myself and my family. I have two websites that don't sell anything and they are definitely helping.

I can put Google ads on my webpages and earn money every time someone clicks on a Google ad.

I can put affiliate links on my websites and earn money every time someone clicks the link and purchases something. An affiliate link is somewhat like a sales person who earns a commission. I "introduce" the other company's product, my web visitor clicks a link to go to the other company's website, and then purchases the product. I don't handle any product.

I can sell advertising on my webpages. If I provide good content on my webpages then if I wish I can pretty much have my pick of those who advertise.

Anyone can work at home with SBI! SiteSell

Anyone can do this. Everyone has something that she or he "knows" and/or is passionate about, and has the opportunity to sell that knowledge. And you don't have to know everything about the subject because you can always research to learn more. :)

Maybe it's a hobby; maybe it's a health syndrome (such as Asperger's Syndrome) that you or your child has; maybe it's something to do with a specific lifestyle such as healthy eating or country living; maybe it's a type of animal, maybe a Great Dane if she or he owns a Great Dane; etc.

The point is that anyone can do this as long as they provide good information at their website that others will find helpful for their own situations.

Here are some SBI! SiteSell case studies and stories of some people who have built websites that you might never think would be something that other people would find interesting. And yet these people are making 100% of their incomes through their websites.

If you'd like to be able to work from home and spend more time doing whatever it is that you like to do whether it's spend time with your kids, or walk the beach, or antique shop, or whatever it might be, take a look at SBI! SiteSell.

You can also ask questions and get answers from their support department. Tell them what it is you're interested in doing and they'll be honest in telling whether or not SBI! SiteSell is for you.

Thank you!

I hope this didn't come off too "sale-sy". I really do believe that anyone can work at home with Solo Build It! SiteSell and I want others to be able to benefit from it as I have. I've provided several links through here so that you can look at different aspects of how Solo Build It! SiteSell can be used.

Here's to the first day of the rest of your life. :)

Take care!
PS: There are many bloggers that could really be making some serious money by using Solo Build It! SiteSell. They might be making a few bucks here and there but there's a lot more to be made when using Solo Build It! SiteSell. And WordPress has nothing on Solo Build It!

Wonderful Autism Apps / Applications ... and ... some of my favorite books and other goodies

autism apps applications

Books that I'm currently reading

I'm so tickled that authors have been contacting me and asking me to review their new books for them!

For as much time as I spend researching Asperger's Syndrome this website should have thousands of pages but because my son has Asperger's Syndrome I find that the things I want to work on very often are not the things that I have to work on so I'm still not able to spend as much time on it as I'd like to.

As he heads into adulthood (he turned 18 on Dec 13 and yes I need to update some things at my website such as my home page that says he's 17) I'm finding that I have even less time on my hands as I spend more time trying to master the puzzle of how to help him transition into "life after high school".

That's where Autism Tomorrow: The Complete Guide To Help Your Child Thrive In The Real World comes in. It's a guide to help your kids after high school. You'll find parts of the book will be applicable and some won't depending on your child's current age. Although the title implies "Autism after high school" there is still quite a bit in there about what to do before your child hits "real life". But overall a helpful book.

Please contact me if you'd like to send a copy of your book to me for review. I would absolutely love it!

Fiction, Non-fiction, Auto-Biographies, Instructional books, etc. I'm interested in them all. :) And if you autograph it that would be SUPER cool! ;)