Success with PureCalm, MindSoothe and Focus!

Learn About Natural Remedies for the symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome

I received the following email from a mom overjoyed with the success her son has had with PureCalm (for Anxiety & Panic Attacks), MindSoothe (for Depression) and Focus ADHD (for Children and Adults with ADHD). Below is what she wrote to me...

Hi Diane!

I found Native Remedies on the internet last week. I was a little skeptical but as many parents of Aspies will tell you, you're desperate for any kind of help.

Our son Sean is 19, and was diagnosed with ADD at age 4. However, we found a great therapist Mark Waller (Yorba Linda, CA). So at age 19, Sean was diagnosed with Aspergers.

I wish he was diagnosed earlier because his school and work experience would have been a lot easier. Currently Sean is getting Neurofeedback therapy with Dr. Waller.

I purchased the MindSoothe, PureCalm and Focus.

I could not believe the instant and dramatic change in Sean. He is more reasonable and calm. In the past any changes in his schedule created chaos and tears and complete melt-downs.

In the past 5 days he started training for a new job and on the third day he forgot his book at home, he called me to tell that he forgot it and was going back to get it.

He got back to work with 5 minutes to spare and no melt-down! In fact he joked about making it back on time.

He is also reasoning and listening better. He asked his Dad what he should do in a certain situation, his Dad gave him the advice and Sean said "thanks Dad, I will think about your advice, I may not take it, but I will think about it".

This is the first week of the herbal supplements, and so far I am thrilled about the results. It has been a GOOD week!

Debbie T. - Glendora, CA

Thank you SO MUCH Debbie for sharing this information, and YAY that your son is doing so well! :)

We too have used Native Remedies for several things -

  • SerenitePlus (our 14 year old daughter doesn't really like the taste but she still takes it because it helps her sleep)
  • Serenite-LT (when she complained about the taste of the SerenitePlus I got her this instead because it's a pill, but she still prefers the SerenitePlus)
  • EcoSlim (it's ephedra-free to help me lose weight; tastes kind of like a really weak tea)
  • PureCalm for our anxiety (we all have varying degrees of anxiety, mine and our son's being the worst)
We've been very happy and plan to continue. :)

Hey Folks! :) has special packages available specifically for Asperger's Syndrome!

Get More Information on PureCalm for Anxiety & Panic Attacks, MindSoothe for Depression, Focus ADHD for Children and Adults with ADHD, SerenitePlus for Insomnia and Sleeping Disorders, Serenite-LT for Long Term Solution to Chronic Insomnia, and EcoSlim for Ephedra-Free, Safe Weight Loss.

Learn About Natural Remedies for the symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome

Wonderful Autism Apps / Applications ... and ... some of my favorite books and other goodies

autism apps applications

Books that I'm currently reading

I'm so tickled that authors have been contacting me and asking me to review their new books for them!

For as much time as I spend researching Asperger's Syndrome this website should have thousands of pages but because my son has Asperger's Syndrome I find that the things I want to work on very often are not the things that I have to work on so I'm still not able to spend as much time on it as I'd like to.

As he heads into adulthood (he turned 18 on Dec 13 and yes I need to update some things at my website such as my home page that says he's 17) I'm finding that I have even less time on my hands as I spend more time trying to master the puzzle of how to help him transition into "life after high school".

That's where Autism Tomorrow: The Complete Guide To Help Your Child Thrive In The Real World comes in. It's a guide to help your kids after high school. You'll find parts of the book will be applicable and some won't depending on your child's current age. Although the title implies "Autism after high school" there is still quite a bit in there about what to do before your child hits "real life". But overall a helpful book.

Please contact me if you'd like to send a copy of your book to me for review. I would absolutely love it!

Fiction, Non-fiction, Auto-Biographies, Instructional books, etc. I'm interested in them all. :) And if you autograph it that would be SUPER cool! ;)