Thank you Lady Gaga!

by Lori Revels
(Springfield, MO)

1st of all I want to share my Wall of Aspies album and links with you all.

My 12 year old daughter H has aspergers, my 11 year old daughter KA is neurotypical, my 9 year old son L has Autism and my 5 year old son KQ has a heavy dose of ADHD. I am a single mom and their dad is far far away. This story will be about my oldest H.

We lived in Hawaii for a while and my kids attended the public school there. H fell behind but was not held back so she struggled the next year. This was a few years ago, btw, it was her 5th grade year. During that year she was in a class with all Hawaiians and Orientals. There were about two or three white kids in her class besides her. The children were very racist and the white kids didn't like her cause she didn't know about Bionicals. She had a nervous cough for about half the school year and the children decided she had germs and would actually warn new kids to stay away from her so she didn't have a chance.

We moved to Kalamazoo where she repeated the 5th year. As usual she made friends fast and lost them just as fast. She was being bullied every day at recess and even was expelled once for standing up for herself. Somewhere along the line the bullying didn't make her feel bad anymore.
I asked her how she managed to not let the bullying get to her and she told me that whenever someone made fun of her she would just think about Lady Gaga and how she was made fun of as a kid too and just look at where she is now! That really blessed my heart and I will forever be a fan of Lady Gaga for helping my daughter cope through those very dark days.

Things soon turned around for her at that same school. Her school vice principal and counselor took her under her wing and began teaching her skills for kids with aspergers. As they progressed she would have various students come in and help with H's lessons. Soon the kids eased up on the bullying and H started making friends. Often when you give a bully a purpose they stop bullying! H's grade started improving as well.

H learned self confidence through those lessons and is a rock still today even though we moved to a different state. There isn't much that bothers her any more. Her social skills are still lacking and with a lot of trial and error and referrals giving me referrals we have finally landed in a counseling group that looks like it will be a lot of help.

I want to add that H just brought home her report card and has five A's and the rest of the grades are all very good!

The future is getting brighter...Finally!

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Dec 11, 2011
for the sibling
by: Lori Revels

To Anonymous:
I think it might be ok to give it a test run and see what happens. For one, can he handle what you tell him without misunderstanding and getting hurt or angry. Two, will he "tell on you". If he is old enough you may suggest other online (but safe) aspergers friends. I have a lot on FaceBook and have been added to quite a few groups as well. I don't have ASD but being a mom of multiple kids with asd they often like to get my view point which I think is sweet and rather smart too. He may be more apt to learning from people like himself. Every ones different so it's hard to say. But I think it would be nice of you to try a few things and see what works. Remember, with ASD people, hinting around rarely works at all since they usually don't get hints. If you want, you can find me on FaceBook under Lori Hobbs (Revels). Just remind me of this post so I remember who you are. Best of Luck to you and Bright Blessings!

To Sharon:
I'll have to give that a try! Thank you!

Dec 08, 2011
so great to hear
by: Anonymous

I am so happy that she was able to find people at her school who were willing to help her... My brother doesn't have that and I have tried to convince my parents to home school him but they want him to have the social interaction.. But he wants to stay home.. I have a lot of different views about aspergers than my parents so it is very difficult... I know I'm not the parent but they allow him to label himself with a disability and he walks around telling be people he has aspergers and so if I act this way that's ok... instead of helping him figure out how to use his gift to get so far in life and to be happy... As a sibling this is very frustrating cause they are hurting my brother and not helping him... I have tried talking with them but they only get offended and say he isn't my kid... I am looking for help on how to help my brother... If I talk to him and tell him my thoughts and feelings is that bad? I will click to receive emails to anyone who comments on this story but if you read mine and could offer a suggestion it would be greatly appreciated!! thank you for sharing your wonderful story such an inspiration!

Apr 28, 2011
meeting lady ga ga
by: sharon

like your daughter my son went through some dark times because of bulling. it caused him to stop eating at one point because kids were calling him 'Big belly boy' we wrote to a famouse rally driver who wrote our son a letter explaining how important it was for him to eat which finally did the trick.Our son finally went on to write a poem about this rally driver which was published in a book. Our friends managed to get our son to meet this gentleman last year and our son was over the moon.Maybe if you wrote to lady ga ga and told her about your daughter she may be lucky enough to meet her.The celebrities enjoy the publicity as much as the kids as the rally driver our son met even wrote and took photos an put it on his can read about our son on this website under ,8 yr old quad racing.

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