liams pet snail

by sharon

When Liam was about 6 yrs old I went to fetch him from school one day and on the way home i started to hear him talking in the back of the car. At the time i thought nothing of it because he often use to do it. He then said to me 'do you want to see my pet snail Josh'. When i turned around he actually had a snail crawling on his hand. He told me he saved it from some kids who had been stepping on some snails. He had carried this snail all day in his trousers pocket checking on it from time to time to make sure it was ok. What was more suprising was that Liam at the time hated having his hands dirty or covered in mud etc and yet he was leaving this snail walk around his hands.After a couple of days of having it in the house he saw another snail in the garden so he put 'Josh' as he called him back outside so he could make new friends and not get squashed by children.

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